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However, according to KANTAR WORLDPANEL for 15,000 British shoppers survey , the worlds largest clothing retailer INDITEX SA s ZARA is the biggest winner in the past six months to achieve sales growth of 27.But what is surprising is that the quality of the blacklist is four well-known brands , namely Converse, Columbia , Lotto well -known outdoor sports brand from Austria Northland .There, you can buy imported goods , luxury goods , can not buy anywhere else . How much is the Air Jordan Quality of wealth ; " second degree of specialization of these electricity suppliers is not enough, easy to reduce the brand image , the impact of international big reason why the customer experience has been reluctant to authorize online sales platform , one consumer group is facing website features do not understand .According to statistics, China Garment Association , Chinas childrens clothing manufacturer to achieve scale enterprises in general there were approximately 5,000 , of which there are about brand around 300 companies , as well as individual business workshops about 8000 .32% , far higher than the proportion of shareholding 22.

Under the influence of macroeconomic many domestic garment enterprises gradually began to try to domestic sales, while e-commerce has become the best export-oriented garment enterprises in the retail channel , which was originally to become more serious on the intense competition in the domestic apparel market .Younger : Younger disk support ought estate has long been popular as a mens brand , but many people do not know is that Youngor the real estate is not a short time , and the net profit of the real estate to achieve far higher than the garment industry . Jordans Big Size Contacts, micro-channel "ban Rashomon" : Who s Who Moved foundationhas been stripped by the parent company of New Haven IT platform , the collective inject new company called E-commerce Co.

Nike Jordans Shoes When cotton prices started soaring foreign Due to buy or not buy up , chase , ahead of the signing of export orders , in addition to soaring cotton prices have led to soaring prices , taking into account last September / October signed a declaration about export orders in January , making a May exports than the market expected .And now the situation has reversed, department stores and other traditional retail outlets starting to become active passive attitude toward business brands gradually becomes " to sell, sell ," I can not let me sell to online selling , while consumption who better to take the initiative "Love you serve ," I can not sell to buy online ." Talking the biggest difference from previous years is the "double- October" has set up a " beauty team ", " a member of the senior beauty expert , beauty Commissioners two-eleven period, they will have a direct employment, help customers to solve skin problems , and for the first time with the new pearl powder to provide customers with pearl powder clever way .

Hot Sale Nike Air Max LTD Women Industry sources say that domestic electricity supplier has not authorized the sale of luxury goods to become the industry s unspoken rules.Last year , Wu Commercial Union by making an offer to acquire arms to join its concert Wuhan Department received a stake A34.Another part of the anti-static fabric, lining fabric added although conductive wire, but due to processing, finishing the technical aspects of the problem have not completely overcome , fabric feel poor , and therefore fundamental for uniforms, protective clothing processing , can not enter the high-end apparel market.

" But the person on October 23 to the Wuhan business sector , said the company will re- operations in three weeks .Currently, the use of high-end clothing lining had thickened lining from the traditional concept of warm , modern high-tech textile technology combined with new technology products . Hot Sale Nike Air Max LTD Women " Liu Qing started after the investment , the father also gave her the biggest advice is do not look at what investors say , but look at what he did .Cotton is to blame ! Textile and garment exports decline